Top 10 Sites for Children Learning About Dinosaurs

Children Love Dinosaurs

Is your child learning about dinosaurs in the classroom right now? Do they have an interest in dinosaurs? Check out the K-12 Directory of School‘s Top 10 Sites for Children Learning About Dinosaurs to find the best places on the web for your child’s dinosaur school project or fascination!

  1. Kids Dinos: Which dinosaurs were the largest? The smallest? Which had the most amount of horns? Which ate the most food? Let your child discover the answer him or herself with a 100%-interactive site!
  2. Prehistoric World by National Geographic: National Geographic always delivers visual excellence when teaching others about the world. Browse through the Prehistoric World with your child!
  3. Dinosaur Eggs at National Geographic: Let National Geographic take you through different dinosaur eggs and fossils.
  4. Dinosaur Facts: They claim to be the greatest dinosaur site in the world!
  5. Curse of T. Rex: Very interactive, colorful site; a companion to the NOVA program.
  6. Dinosaurs for Kids: Jam-packed with dinosaur imagery.
  7. Billy Bear 4 Kids on Dinosaurs: Not as high-tech as some of the other sites, but definitely colorful and fun for children to scroll through.
  8. For kids: facts about dinosaurs!: Read this to your child, or have them read about it him or herself.
  9. The Dinosaur Time Machine: A small and fun dinosaur project site for children.
  10. Dino Buzz: Slightly higher reading level site for budding minds on dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are a common topic in the elementary school classroom and in children’s general interests. Children that display a love for dinosaurs can not only be encouraged through Internet sites such as these, but also through DVDs, toys, and children-friendly electronic and board games. Nurture your child’s interest in the ancient world and you could potentially foster years of historical and archaeological love to come!

Thanks to Deviant Artist ~crush048 for the Creative Commons image.

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