Top 5 Secrets to the Best Kindergarten Experience

For some children, kindergarten is an exciting experience; for others, terrifying. For almost all young children though, regardless of their perception, it’s overwhelming. K-12 Directory of Schools has five secret pointers on how to prepare your child for the best kindergarten experience imaginable. Follow this guideline and your junior is sure to handle the first year of K-12 education easier. A rewarding kindergarten experience is critical to a lifelong love for learning!

  1. Enroll your child in preschool first. Enrolling a child in preschool gets them acquainted with spending time with other children and learning basic concepts. This provides an obvious head start in kindergarten.
  2. Familiarize your child with the company of other children. Attend parent-child events like summer swim classes so that children may interact with others their age before being thrown into the kindergarten environment. While preschool helps with this, additional activities (or neighborhood friends!) can only further take the edge off.
  3. Read to your child. Children that are read to at an early age have a higher likelihood to enjoy reading–a quintessential part of learning–as they grow older. Get your child acquainted with reading time by acclimating them to the routine of being read to bright and early.
  4. Prepare your child for a day without you. Children that have separation anxiety have a harder time facing kindergarten. By letting your child stay with a friend for the day or attend a couple of educational programs without you, you prepare them for the independence they will have to face when they enter the kindergarten classroom.
  5. Get your child acclimated to routine. Your child will be doing the same activities around the same time of day in kindergarten. Helping your child adjust to the concept of a daily routine early will make life less stressful later when the kindergarten classroom imposes routine on your child’s daytime hours. Routines can be taught to children in fun ways, such as daily chore time followed by daily snack time.

If you follow these five simple steps, your child will be on the right track for the first day of kindergarten. Have any other suggestions or questions on how to help a child face their first year of K-12 school? Feel free to discuss!

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